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Financial Coach

Tired Of Being Broke? Do These 4 Things!

One afternoon, two young boys stood in front of their bathroom scale discussing the object at hand.

“How does this thing work?” asked one of the boys.

The other boy answered, “I’m not sure exactly, but I do know that when you stand on it, it either makes you mad or it makes you cry.”


Financial Coaching

6 Simple Habits Keeping You Broke

It’s no secret that most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. What’s shocking is how little the average American knows about personal finance. As a result, Financial Coach Michael Lacy has shared 6 simple mistakes that keep you broke.  […]

Financial Coaching

#MoneyMondays “The Guide To Using Your Emergency Fund”

Question: When is It An Appropriate Time to Use My Emergency Fund?

Answer: To fully grasp the answer to this question, you must understand the difference between a sinking fund and your emergency fund. If you don’t, you’ll always tap into your emergency fund for non-emergencies. […]

Why Hiring A Financial Coach Is Pure Genius

This was the year that things were going to be different. This was the year the old habits you built over the years were going to the slaughterhouse. This was the year you decided that you had enough.

You said you were going to stop spending so much, and get control over your money. You were going to work towards getting out of debt. You were going to save more money.

And then something happened. And then another thing came up. And some of those old habits were a little harder to kick than you anticipated. And now, this year is starting to look similar to last year. […]

You Must Do This Before Making Large Purchases

We live in a day and age where everyone wants everything now. What we lack in patience, we make up for in debt.

Auto and student loans in America now, both, top over $1 trillion individually, and credit card debt isn’t far behind at $780 billion.

So how do we begin to reverse these trends? It’s simple actually: stop borrowing money and start saving for big purchases!  […]

Financial Coaching

7 Types of Insurance The Wealthy Have

Insurance can be a tricky topic to navigate without the help of a financial coach. Between the jargon and the numerous policy options, it’s easy to see why folks don’t understand what is necessary and what is just extra.

Nobody knows when an emergency will happen, however, when faced with one, we can only hope to be as prepared for them as possible. This is where insurance can step in. The purpose of insurance is to transfer the risk associated with those potential mishaps away from you.