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6 Reasons Folks Work With A Financial Coach

Personal finance is such a taboo subject.  I mean, folks really hate talking about money for some reason.

A recent study found that 74% of people will not discuss money with a financial professional.

We can point the finger at shame, insecurity, or even fear as some of the top reasons why, but the truth is, not talking about money can be detrimental to your financial health.

So what about the other 26%? What are some of the top reasons they are willing to gain additional insight when it comes to money? […]

Financial Coach

Tired Of Being Broke? Do These 4 Things!

One afternoon, two young boys stood in front of their bathroom scale discussing the object at hand.

“How does this thing work?” asked one of the boys.

The other boy answered, “I’m not sure exactly, but I do know that when you stand on it, it either makes you mad or it makes you cry.”


“Retirement Concerns” #MoneyMondays

Question: “When will I be able to retire?”

Answer: That all depends on you! When it comes to the question of retirement, the most important thing to remember is that retirement is less about your age and more about your financial situation.

No one should want to wait around for social security or, worse, become a burden to their children. Your retirement years should be more than that.



The Percentages You Need For A Successful Budget

Question: What do you recommend for a budget percentage?

Great question! I love this one because it shows that you really care about not only creating a budget, but creating a budget that works for you. (Heavy emphasis on works for YOU!)

Here’s a fact that may come as a surprise for you: there really is no standard budget percentage chart that works for everyone.


Financial Coaching

How I Blew $1,000,000 In My Early 20’s

Most people don’t understand the concept of opportunity cost. In basic terms, opportunity cost can be summed up by saying,”If I’m doing X, then I’m not doing Y.”

2 months before my 24th birthday, I landed a sales job with a globally known company. I got a nice bump in pay and a few other perks I wasn’t used to at the time. […]

Financial Coaching

6 Simple Habits Keeping You Broke

It’s no secret that most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. What’s shocking is how little the average American knows about personal finance. As a result, Financial Coach Michael Lacy has shared 6 simple mistakes that keep you broke.  […]

4 Things You Can Do With Your 401(k) After Changing Jobs

A 401(k) plan is an employer-sponsored retirement plan that will allow you to invest for retirement with pre-tax income. What happens to your 401(k) if you decide to change employers or retire? Well, that decision is ultimately made by you. You could leave the money in the old 401(k) plan, roll it over into an IRA, take it with you to a new plan, or cash out the account. Let’s take a look at these options just in case you ever find yourself in this situation.


8 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Tax Return

There’s an old saying that goes, “A bad map will make you miss the whole party.” A lot of us are lost financially because we have been following bad maps all of our lives.

The wealth-building party is going on and we want to get there, but we just can’t figure out how to stop driving in circles. We’ve watched generation after generation park on Debt Ave only to repeat the same mistakes and end up in the same place.  

With the help of a solid financial coach, you can begin to thrive financially starting this tax season. Here are 8 action items that we recommend to our clients.