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#MoneyMondays “Family & Finances”

Question: How do you tell your family that you’ve always helped “no” while tightening your budget?

Answer: I think it’s important to remember that “no” is, in fact, a complete sentence. Now just coming out and saying “no” can be quite difficult, so you’ll want to set aside time to have a full discussion with the family member. If the meeting feels a little awkward for you, there’s no problem with admitting that to open the meeting.

There’s nothing wrong with helping family, however, you need to take care of your household first. ¬†Once your household is taken care of, you can then start helping others in your family, and, after that, your community. The last thing you want to do is help someone else while weakening yourself.

The way this question is phrased leads me to believe that you are dealing with a person that has a problem, so let’s deal with that here. I don’t know anyone that would gladly offer the family drunk a case of beer at the family picnic.

Why? Because it is harmful to them. In the same way, you have to determine whether your actions are a blessing or a curse to them. If you determine that you aren’t being a help to them, it’s time to let them know that.

You have to love them enough to call them out on their bad habits. If they don’t want your advice, then they don’t want your money.

That’s not to turn you into a monster, but part of being a good steward over your resources is ensuring that there is a good return on your investments. If you’re investing in a person, and they keep getting themselves into sticky situations with your resources, it’s time to cut the cord.

Don’t finance someone else’s misbehavior. Love them enough to actually guide them in the right direction, even if they initially reject your help. Above all else, protect your household financially.

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